Saturday, May 8, 2010

Proud Mama Bear: Julie's First Cupcakes

Julie's first cupcakes: Yellow cake with mini chocolate chips and chopped almonds, topped with chocolate buttercream frosting, chopped almonds, and raspberries. Photo taken and tweeted by DaveDoesDeejay.

A couple of people have asked me lately about whether I could teach them how to bake cupcakes, or just how to bake in general. Though I've been baking for years, I am quite the amateur and have had my fair share of disasters in the oven. Still, I'm more than happy to assist friends and share any insights I have in the kitchen.

Sweet Julie asked me a couple weeks ago at our last big cook up if I could show her how to do cupcakes; we had such great success today. We loosely followed the yellow cake and chocolate frosting recipes, measuring with coffee mugs, hands, various spoons, our eyes, and our taste buds. The results were amazing. All the cupcake styling was done by Julie; she's a natural.

We also made a cake for another person, consisting of the same batter as our cupcakes, another layer of chocolate cake, bananas cooked in butter and light muscovado sugar in between, all with vanilla buttercream frosting and fresh banana slices on top.

We will be baking again.

For those of you afraid of the oven, quiet your fears. Recipe wins and utter fails are a part of learning. As cliche as it sounds, there is a lot to be gained from the experiences that don't come out of the oven as planned. Once you get over the loss of time and ingredients, you'll see what I'm getting at. Check back soon for my epic cake fail!

Keep Baking,

X Melissa

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