Saturday, August 1, 2015

It's Business Time: Cadence Chocolates

After many years of claiming I never wanted to own my own business, I've started one. I kept avoiding it because all the racket that comes with a business - managing people, paperwork, marketing, storefronts, etc. - seemed like a horrible bunch of stuff that would take me farther away from the craft of it.

I have loved chocolates for quite some time. It has been a part of my side work since I started in restaurants and have always wished for more of that and less of the rest. After careful consideration, lots of question asking and answers gotten from people who have started their own chocolate businesses, and many test batches amongst friends and friends of friends, I have taken the plunge.

It's a lot less intimidating when people tell you they're doing it all by the seat of their pants. It makes you feel like you can do it, too, and all that hemming and hawing and planning and contemplating won't get you anywhere if you never take action.

So here it is, my chocolate company in San Francisco, CA. I wanted to take my chocolate skills out of fine dining restaurants and provide people with the beautiful treats without the three-hour meal. Cadence Chocolates will be available for your whatever you're celebrating. Weddings, new funding at your startup, quinciƱeras, birthday dinner parties, come at me.  I can make (most of) them vegan, too.  Take a look at the site and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What I Do On My Days Off

I do have hobbies. They just happen to look like work.
Octopus cakes for my high school friend's baby shower.

Like Sand Through the Hour Glass

Well, it has certainly been a while. I do apologize for leaving you, though I have to admit, there were more pressing matters. Here's a glimpse at a few things that I have had a hand in the past three years here in San Francisco. It doesn't capture it all or very well, for that matter, but it is a sliver. In current news, I have been working with the wonderful people at Crumb and I am ramping up my own little chocolate business, Cadence Chocolates. You can see more about that here.
Valentine's Day at my best friend's place: Black sesame and negroni bonbons -- 2015
 Stone fruit tart at home, because I love my roommates -- 2012
 Coal toasted meringue with lime marshmallow sorbet hiding underneath, from way back in the day at Coi with pastry chef Matt Tinder -- 2012
 Brown sugar caraway pop tarts at Plum, when I had some time and freedom to experiment -- 2013
 Peanut nutterfingers with black sesame, wrapped in nori at Commis, with pastry chef Joshua Meisman -- 2013
 My turn at Sunday dish at Commis, which found its way onto the menu: Pecan sorbet, lavender shortbread, fresh apricot -- 2014
 Chocolate bars for guests to take home on their anniversaries -- 2014
Another turn at Sunday dish at Commis, which occasionally made it out to VIPs: Chocolate sorbet, Turkish tea cremeux, hazelnut cake -- 2014