Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What I Do On My Days Off

I do have hobbies. They just happen to look like work.
Octopus cakes for my high school friend's baby shower.

Like Sand Through the Hour Glass

Well, it has certainly been a while. I do apologize for leaving you, though I have to admit, there were more pressing matters. Here's a glimpse at a few things that I have had a hand in the past three years here in San Francisco. It doesn't capture it all or very well, for that matter, but it is a sliver. In current news, I have been working with the wonderful people at Crumb and I am ramping up my own little chocolate business, Cadence Chocolates. You can see more about that here.
Valentine's Day at my best friend's place: Black sesame and negroni bonbons -- 2015
 Stone fruit tart at home, because I love my roommates -- 2012
 Coal toasted meringue with lime marshmallow sorbet hiding underneath, from way back in the day at Coi with pastry chef Matt Tinder -- 2012
 Brown sugar caraway pop tarts at Plum, when I had some time and freedom to experiment -- 2013
 Peanut nutterfingers with black sesame, wrapped in nori at Commis, with pastry chef Joshua Meisman -- 2013
 My turn at Sunday dish at Commis, which found its way onto the menu: Pecan sorbet, lavender shortbread, fresh apricot -- 2014
 Chocolate bars for guests to take home on their anniversaries -- 2014
Another turn at Sunday dish at Commis, which occasionally made it out to VIPs: Chocolate sorbet, Turkish tea cremeux, hazelnut cake -- 2014