Saturday, July 17, 2010

Where Do The Hours Go?

Sooo... I haven't posted in a while. Sorrrrrrry!

My satisfying-as-tepid-bathwater excuse is that I've just been lacking time and access to my photos. The Resident Taste Tester conveniently ran off to China this weekend with my fabulous transition pictures of brioche, amazing brunch spreads, and other things.

I promise I'll post again. Maybe not in a timely manner, but it will happen.

Also, Z's birthday celebration is THIS WEEKEND. I've made a game plan to space out the cupcakes, macaroons, and meringue so I don't turn into a pile of mush by Saturday evening.

In other news, I've been spoiled by Valrhona chocolate. It's sort of tragic that I can't enjoy a lot of crappy chocolate delights anymore, save for Oreos and Nutella. To ease my embittered heart, I'll continue to eat bits of Valrhona. Vicious, delicious cycle.

In conclusion, sometimes I wish I had a blog where I could feel free to emotionally vomit all over and ramble on in a catty, cryptic way, but that's just not what this is about. So if you're looking for some amateur baking and food blogging, I'm your girl and I promise promise to have some real posts soonish. If you're still feeling a little dissatisfied, this might make you feel better.

Until next time!


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