Wednesday, May 5, 2010

BEST JAM OF MY LIFE and Other Farmers' Market Treats

Organic sweet potatoes and other fresh produce can be found at the Loewen Gardens Farmers' Market.

Remember when I was rambling on about how wonderful homemade pumpkin mash is? Whether you do or don't, there was a plug for farmers' markets at the bottom, including the one and only farmers' market in Singapore. It looked a little something like this:

1st Saturday of the month     9a-2p
75E Loewen Rd, Tanglin Village
6474 0441

The Resident Taste Tester and I went to it this past Saturday, the 1st of May. Not many people seem to know where Loewen Road is, and that included our taxi driver. Hint: it's in the same neighborhood as Dempsey (we actually walked 10 minutes to Dempsey after the market, very close).

While the place is small, with about 15 or so vendors, it does have its gems. We found friendly people offering us organic sweet potatoes (yes please), hydroponically grown rosemary (that might be nice for bread), sun-dried tomatoes, wine, cupcakes... It's hard not to buy something from everyone, not just because they're nice and you want to support local business, but also because it all looks so good.

I'd have to say my favorite vendors were these two women from Organic Himalaya Produce. They chat you up about how they fly in fresh produce, herbs, teas, oils, and jams every week from their organic farms in Nepal and are offering you samples of their tasty jams at the same time. This jam is amazing. Literally, THE BEST JAM OF MY LIFE, and I say this without hesitation or exaggeration. I'm obsessed with their peach jam, to the point where the $11 jar is over halfway gone and it's only Wednesday. I'm glad I put myself on their mailing list so I can bother them with peach jam hoarding weekly. You can email them at (doesn't sound very Himalayan, but I don't care so much about the story, just the jam please).

Organic Himalaya vendors at the farmers' market. Fresh produce, jams, and oils are flown in every week from their organic farms in Nepal.

Organic Himalaya's peach jam, a.k.a. THE BEST JAM OF MY LIFE.

Another delightful thing about Organic Himalaya Produce is the rosemary they sell. The leaves are smaller than the hydroponically grown sort that the Pantry was selling and I believe they are much more fragrant. I bought a $2 bundle from both vendors and am proofing rosemary bread as this is written.

Two varieties of rosemary from the farmers' market. The smaller bunch is organic from Nepal and the other is hydroponically grown, sold by The Pantry.

One more vendor caught my eye and that is one at the very end of the trail: Madz Chef. Madz is run by Madhvi Timbadia and when the shelf is empty behind that Banana Walnut Bread sign, it's with good reason. Banana bread is not an exotic nor fancy baked goody, but something that speaks of home to me. My mom makes amazing zucchini bread and while they are clearly not the same thing, the texture and feeling surrounding the sampled bites were reminiscent of my childhood. Unfortunately, this homey goodness is probably why Madz was out of it by the time we sauntered up, a wee hour before the whole shebang was to close shop. Next time, Madz.

Madz Chef's booth, completely sold out of banana walnut bread and something else I cared about less because I only wanted the banana bread.

The next Loewen Gardens Farmers' Market is on the 5th of June. Mark your calendars, pack your tote bags, and prepare to ignore the girl foaming at the mouth at 8:30am outside the gate muttering something about peachy jam.

If you already forgot...

1st Saturday of the month     9a-2p
75E Loewen Rd, Tanglin Village
6474 0441

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